If your children don’t like going to the dentist, don’t worry it isn’t unusual for them to dislike it. So here at Ence Dentistry, we have
a few tips for you, to help you calm your kids down and even get them excited to go to the dentist. So if you’re having trouble with your kids, try this and we are sure it can help.


  • Always Be Positive

You would be surprised at what your kids pick up on. If you are always saying negative things about the dentist, then what do you expect your kids attitudes to be? By always talking about the dentist in a positive way, you will over time be able to help your kids have a positive attitude towards brushing their teeth, flossing and visiting the dentist.


  • Let Them Watch a Movie

If you let your kids watch a movie or listen to their own music on the way to the dentist, this will not only distract them on the way to the dentist office, but it will also help them to relax and have an enjoyable experience. Bring your tablet or let them watch videos on your phone when you are at the dentist or have them play with some toys they want to bring along. In the end, the important thing is to allow them to distract themselves from what is going to happen.


  • Reward Them for Good Behavior

Another good way for you to help them to begin liking the dentist is to work out a reward for good behavior. By giving them a positive reward like an extra 20 minutes on the computer or their favorite snack, you will begin to help them build a positive outlook on the dentist and they might even begin to enjoy going to the dentist. You don’t have to get them anything fancy or make some crazy promise, but just allow them do or get something small that will build that positive outlook on their dental appointments

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