As your St. George family dentist, your questions about dental care are important to us. This is one we’re occasionally asked:

Do braces cause receding gums?

Studies suggest that braces themselves have little to no effect on gum recession.

But some brace wearers swear they do. So what’s the deal?

Hygiene (or lack thereof) may be to blame.

Braces make it difficult to floss and brush. Brushing all the nooks and crannies with braces can be a burden and flossing without a water pick is time consuming. Especially when using “threaders” to floss behind all that gear.

This is why those with braces may let their oral health decline. And poor oral health is the real cause of gum recession. If you notice your gums receding, don’t hesitate to give your St. George dentist a ring.

Some Tips:

     Brush your gum line using a soft bristle toothbrush

     Invest in a water pick and ditch the floss

     Avoid the no-no foods your orthodontist warned you about