If there is one thing everyone enjoys it is food. Those of us who don’t like food run the risk of not living for a long time. When it comes to your teeth why not eat good food that tastes good and is best for teeth health.



  • Cheese and Meat – these types of food protect teeth enamel and provide the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. When preparing the foods try to use the least amount of sugars with them as possible. With meat instead of marinades try dry rubs to enhance flavors.

  • Firm Crunchy Fruits – Though these types of food have a high sugar content they also have a high water content which means the water will dilute the sugar. Try to avoid adding other things with them like caramel due to the high sugar content.

  • Not Candies
    • No… just no.



  • Water – water effectively removes excess sugars in your mouth that can cause bacteria like plaque. Copious amounts of water are great for cleaning.

  • Milk – with its high calcium content, not only is it good for your body it is great for helping build you teeth and similarly to water can help remove sugar from your mouth.

  • Not Sodas
    • Once again, no… just no.