The day is hectic. And the last thing parents want is to fight the battle over brushing teeth. We want our kids to have beautiful teeth, and we don’t want to pay for those cavities. These four simple steps will help your kids enjoy brushing and save you money!

1. Brush with them.

We are still our children’s heroes. Even if they have an early bedtime you brush, or fake brush, with them. If it is important to you it will be important to them.

2. Let them brush whenever they ask.


Telling them no will only make them more likely to fail at brushing. It may become annoying, but encouraging them to brush and brush often will help create habits that will last for their lifetime.

3. Colorful toothbrushToothbrushes_for_Children_-_03

Or even their favorite character from television. They need something they can relate to and they will be more excited to brush if the brush they use is something recognizable.

4. Tasty/Safe toothpaste


Kids love naturally sweet things. There are many toothpastes that cater to this need of children. Be sure that the toothpaste is safe to ingest because many children accidentally ingest it. Always help your kids to avoid swallowing toothpaste.

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