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The Little Tooth That Could No Longer

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Once upon time there was a tiny little tooth. He called himself Canine and lived an ordinary tooth life. He lived on 12th place of Upper Jaw Way and had a lovely home. His gums were very well taken care of. They were brushed and flossed daily. All in all this tooth pretty much lived the life. He had a nice job with the eating and chewing division. He was in charge of puncturing the food so it could be torn. He enjoyed his job. He was glad he didn’t work as a molar. The molars work extremely hard and are often not as well cleaned.

One day Canine was headed to work when he was confronted with a problem. There were the tell tale signs of a foreclosure outside his front door. Horrified he realized that he had signed a temporary contract. He was but a baby tooth and knew that one day he would be replaced. In a fluster of emotion Canine began to shake. Back and forth he shook so easily that the other teeth were uncomfortable with his presence.
“What will happen to me when I go? Where do teeth end up?” Canine asked himself with an outburst of emotion only a tooth would understand. Canine had heard tales of a certain fairy that came for teeth. But what does she do with them? Does she even exist? “Hopefully she won’t make me do a molar’s work,” Canine thought restlessly.

Canine spoke with his neighbors and they, also being baby teeth sympathized with him. He worked about half as well for a week as he contemplated the passing of time and other deep things. One day as he mindlessly shook back in forth in a nervous fit of contemplation (Had he made an impact in this world? Has he bettered his community?) Canine fell out. It didn’t hurt like he thought it would. In fact he felt relieved as he was placed under a pillow.

Then the night fell. As Canine lay under a pillow inside a small plastic baggie he looked back at his short life with a transcendent viewpoint. The child will have a new tooth. “A bigger and stronger tooth that can tear even better than I ever could. I’m happy for him. Things will continue without me,” thought Canine placidly as he awaited his fate. Then at last he heard the flapping of wings. Small wings. He saw a light with his tooth eyes (we all know teeth have eyes) as the corner of the pillow lifted off the mattress. In the light he saw a tiny version of the Rock in a pink tutu. Canine immediately lost control and screamed for help. Dwayne the Rock Johnson proceeded to put Canine in a choke hold until he passed out, likely because the Rock forgot to use deodorant.

When Canine woke he found himself in a beautiful community of teeth. There was toothpaste everywhere. Lots of fluoride (but not too much) and even floss surrounded the parks. Teeth were walking around with their long lost neighbors and predecessors and enjoying the passage of time together. As Canine looked around he saw a little home for himself, just like his home back on Upper Jaw and he smiled. The sun hit his little toothy eyes and he knew everything would be alright.

The End

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