We’ve all seen them, the rich and famous. Some so famous that their smile looks gaudy, making a person wonder why in the world someone would put $50k worth of diamonds in their mouth. Tooth bling, it’s popular, especially among famous rappers actors and artists. However, there are some surprising celebrities on this list; individuals who you would never expect to would buy into this sort of tooth decor.

Johnny Depp tooth implants

Johnny Depp Rocking those gold implants from Pirates of the Carribean!

1. Johnny Depp.

During the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp would joke that he wasn’t going to take his gold teeth off until they were finished with all the sequels. Plagued with dental problems throughout the years, Depp has had several root canals. Once they found an eight millimeter tip of the drill bit in one of the canals. Since the process of taking the gold teeth off can be ugly, the actor decided to go with it for the time being.

  1. Katy Perry

Meet the million-dollar smile. Literally! Katy Perry rocked a $1m mouth for her Video “Dark Horse.” While she obviously had to take them out to sing and perform, it doesn’t look like she was too comfortable wearing them in the first place, talk about a waste of money.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry with a $1M mouth!

  1. Beyonce
    A while back, we saw Beyonce post a pic of her sporting a set of silver fangs, making her appear absolutely vampiric.
Beyonce with tooth bling

Beyonce with silver vampire fangs

  1. Lady Gaga
    Frankly, this one is just funny. It’s almost as if Lady Gaga goes out of her way to be weird and zaney…oh wait. Sporting a grill made of…teeth, the superstar strutted her mouth in the 2013 YouTube awards event, freaking out everyone nearby in normal Gaga fashion.
  2. Lady Gaga tooth grill

    Lady Gaga sporting her toothy grill

    Yes, that is a gold AK-47 you see her mouth, made of solid gold.Imagine smiling to reveal that to someone. 

    Rhianna tooth grill

    Rhianna AK-47 Tooth Grill

There are many famous celebrities who occasionally adorn themselves with the fancy tooth jewelry. Sure, it looks goofy, but is it safe? The question is still up for debate.  There are many cases where artists will try to glue in their grillz, creating a permanent bond. The glue used could cause damage to the enamel of the tooth. Additionally Grillz worn for long                                                                     periods of time could potentially damage the lining of the mouth. Metals and minerals used in the production of these mouthpieces could also potentially cause allergic reactions. We at Ence Dentistry don’t recommend it.