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5 of the Best Toothpastes on the Market for 2016

By May 23, 2016No Comments

Believe it or not, many people unconsciously have a favorite brand of toothpaste, you know, that one go-to brand that you simply dump into the cart without thinking too much about it at the grocery store? Yeah, that’s it. Dentists have their own favorite brands as well. At Ence Dentistry, we believe in maintaining a healthy smile with great dental care, which is why picking a good toothpaste is important to us as well. Here are 5 brands of toothpaste that are guaranteed to make your smile great.

Crest Toothpaste

  1. Colgate Total ($4.50) Great for killing bacteria that builds up under the gum line, this toothpaste contains triclosan, an antibacterial ingredient that can fight gingivitis. Colgate fights germs, prevents stains, and freshens breath for up to 12 hours. Further it starts to strengthen the enamel of the tooth after 24 hours and can reduce the risk of gum disease. This toothpaste is Amazon’s #1 best seller in toothpastes. Real Simple and ConsumerSearch also named it the best toothpaste overall. Professionals recommend it more often than any other toothpaste. In this case, we echo their recommendation.

  2. Sensodyne (pro-enamel) ($5) This is personally one of our favorites. If you have sensitive teeth, this might be the toothpaste for you. Sensodyne typically lessens the pain commonly associated with tooth sensitivity by blocking hot and cold signals which cause pain. Additionally, it strengthens the enamel of the tooth, prevents cavities, whitens, and is pH balanced to prevent acid erosion. Overall a great choice.

  3. Crest Pro-Health ($4)
    Crest toothpaste has it all. This two-step toothpaste might be a bit more involved than some of the others listed, but the results show. It is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria while simultaneously providing whitening power to remove surface stains (with the help of hydrogen peroxide).

  4. Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste.
    As the name suggests, this toothpaste contains no fluoride. It instead uses zinc citrate and xylitol (an ingredient derived from birch trees or corn). It contains no artificial dyes or sweeteners and is even gluten-free. A good choice if you are wanting an all-natural approach to toothpaste.

  5. TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Toothpaste
    A great toothpaste at helping to prevent canker sores and controlling dry mouth symptoms. Made with aloe, to maintain gum health, and xylitol, for whitening and to strengthen tooth enamel.

While this list may not be all-inclusive, it does contain a wide variety of different toothpastes, all of which come highly recommended by dentists around the world. So, regardless of your situation, find one that suits you and get brushing to maintain that healthy smile!