Famous People With Fake Teeth

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The secret to white teeth–get fake ones

We all know that having a great smile is a huge part of looking good. Some people are born with healthy, beautiful teeth. Others have to make sacrifices to improve their smile–wearing braces for years, various types of surgery, and so on. If straight, healthy teeth are important to us in normal day-to-day life, imagine how important it is to a celebrity who spends most of their time in the spotlight!

Celebrities With Fake Teeth

That’s why many famous people undergo extensive work on their smile to get it ready for the limelight. posted a list of 28 celebrities with fake teeth, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Cruise, and even Winston Churchill. Most of those listed are shown both before and after the improvements, and the contrast is incredible! Some of them are hardly even recognizable! Jim Carrey, for example, has a chipped tooth that came in handy for the filming of Dumb and Dumber. All he had to do was remove the cap and he was good to go! Others, like Eddie Van Halen, had much more drastic changes take place.

A confident smile is important no matter your career. Whether you hope to be on the silver screen someday or standing at the front of a classroom, your smile is a big part of the impression you will give people. Here at Ence Dentistry, your trusted family dentist in St. George, UT, we believe that everyone can have a great smile, and we want to help you make the most of yours!

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