Healthy Holiday Eating

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Suggestions to Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Christmas really can be the best time of the year. But it can also be the worst time of the year for your body. As a family dentist in St. George Utah we care about your health beyond just your teeth. Many people stray from their normal diet to splurge on holiday meals and treats. While this is ok in great moderation, it’s best to try and avoid the unhealthy foods all together.

Here are some suggestions we have to help you stay healthy this holiday.

Beverage Alternatives

There is nothing wrong with substituting the eggnog with a healthier option. Instead of alcohol and soda, try drinking fruit juice. You can still have one glass of whatever you want for dinner, but try to avoid the temptation to chug sodas all day long.

Smaller Portions

Between feasts and leftovers, there will be plenty of opportunities to eat food. We aren’t asking you to avoid the food all together. Just eat smaller portion sizes. If you find that you can’t control yourself when you’re exposed to food, try using a smaller plate.

Choose Fruit

Try to avoid all the sweets that will be present in every holiday meal. Instead of loading up on the sugary chocolates, try eating fruit instead. Your cravings will be satisfied and you won’t have to pack on the extra calories.

Don’t Forget To Exercise

This one can be hard to work into your holiday schedule. But it’s important to keep good cardio and muscle building habits. Plus, it’s a great way to get out of doing all the cooking for the meals!

We hope these tips help you to have healthy and happy holidays! If you have any tooth pain during the holidays don’t forget to give us a call.

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