Mountain Dew Mouth

By March 8, 2016No Comments

Many of us enjoy drinking soda pop. We all know that it can have adverse effects on our bodies, but it’s sooo good! Well, you might want to think twice when we tell you about something that could happen to you. A phenomena called “mountain dew mouth” can destroy your teeth and in extreme cases cause visible decay of your teeth.

Avoid Mountain Dew Mouth by brushing regularly and avoiding sugary sodas

Clean Teeth

Now, if you want to see what it can do to your teeth, go check it out at, but be warned the side effects aren’t pleasant to look at.

Here are the reasons that soda pop is so bad for your teeth:

  1. The sugar can cause cavities to develop and damage your teeth. Nobody wants to have to get a cavity filled, and honestly we would prefer not to have to fill them because we know it can be painful. So, remember to at least brush your teeth after drinking a soda.
  2. The acidic nature of soda eats away at your enamel. This can be very hard to reverse and can be devastating to the health of your teeth and mouth
  3. The carbonation can also be harmful to the enamel on teeth and will allow bacteria to more easily attack the teeth and gums in people’s mouths.

So we would suggest that you don’t drink as much soda as you normally do, and when you do, drink through a straw. It is surprising how doing these simple things will help with your mouth’s health.