Are your wisdom teeth coming in? There are many different symptoms you may experience that are a sign to initiate wisdom tooth removal. Those symptoms may include the following:


Wisdom teeth often cause tenderness, swelling, redness, and pain around the site. As wisdom teeth begin to erupt through the surface of the gums bacteria may enter through the open tissue causing an infection. Oral infections have been shown to affect your overall health as well.


Pressure and pain at the back of the mouth are common with wisdom teeth. The pain will gradually increase over time if the tooth is not extracted (removed). The teeth will continue to grow misaligned or sideways, pressing on nerves and bone, and crowding surrounding teeth.


It is possible for wisdom teeth to become impacted, a state in which the jaw bone or surrounding teeth block the tooth from erupting. They become trapped in place as their roots continue to elongate. The longer they remain impacted, the more likely they are to cause problems for your general and oral health. Wisdom teeth symptoms due to impaction include severe pain, infection, and many other complications.

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