Back to the Denture

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This is a story about redemption. This is a story about second chances. There’s an old fable that claims that once a man has lost everything, he will be given a second chance. There is a 1 in a million chance to roll back the wings of time and start again. To whom is this chance given? According to the fable, everyone who hits rock bottom gets an opportunity. Who has used this opportunity? (read slowly for emphasis) Just one man.

Johnny was a man’s man. He lived life throwing caution to the wind. He lived off an unhealthy diet of cookies and lemonade, trusting his natural metabolism to keep him skinny. Unfortunately he paid no attention to his teeth. He never brushed his teeth. He would pop in a stick of gum after every meal to “clean” his teeth. He didn’t even consider that the sugar in his bubble gum might do more damage than good. After a lifetime of misuse and abuse Johnny’s teeth decayed and died.

Johnny’s once youthful smile was now black and rotten. He visited his trusted dentist in St. George, Utah and asked for help. The dentist told him it was too late for his teeth. They had already passed on. Johnny was sent home with a pair of dentures. As Johnny held his head in his hands and dreamed of the cookies he could no longer eat he cried a single man tear. The tear fell and softly landed upon his dentures. From behind him, Johnny heard the flapping of wings. Big wings.

He turned in a hurry to see what could be flying behind him. To his amazement he saw the Rock, in a pink tutu, flapping his massive fairy wings. Upon seeing the Rock, Johnny lost his cool and cried out for help. As quick as Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Dwayne the Rock Johnson put him in a chokehold until he calmed down.

“Johnny, I am the tooth fairy,” Dwayne cooly replied. “I am here to help you. You have been favored with another chance. If I set back the wings of time for you, will you promise to not only brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, but also floss, change your diet, and visit the dentist every six months?”

At this point Johnny was ready to believe anything. He looked at the Rock and nodded his head. In the blink of an eye Johnny was transported back to his youth. He woke up in a flurry and heard his mother calling him from downstairs. ‘Was it all a dream?’ Johnny wondered as he sat in bed. He stretched out his arms and reached under his pillow to find a pair of brand new dentures.

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