Dentistry: Then vs. Now

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Historically dentistry traces its roots as far back as 700 BC, however here the history of dentists in St. George probably don’t go back that far. However, to cover the history of dentistry we will trace all the way back to the Etruscans in 700 BC.

Ancient Dentistry

The Etruscans were the first to incorporate a practice of dentistry that is remotely familiar to what we know today. Using gold bands they would wrap their teeth together by soldering the gold together with the heat. This was done so that teeth that were susceptible to falling out would stay in the mouth. While from our modern day viewpoint this seems irrational, or maybe a waste of time, this is an incredible advancement in dental care in society.

Pull the Teeth Out!

Following a long history of different solution to the decayed tooth issue a dentist invented a variety of tool to help with the extraction of teeth. Invented by Guy de Chaulic these various tools helped with pulling out teeth to prevent tooth decay and halt pain.

The Last 100 Years

While the 2,000 years prior to our modern day show a few advancements, here’s what the last 100 years have given us in dentistry.
-The invention of the porcelain crown
-Introduction of nylon toothbrushes
-Creation of fluoride toothpaste
-Widespread use of electric hand drills
-Impact of cosmetic dentistry

While dentistry has been around for a long time, it is the last 100 years that have brought dentistry into a well respected field that can help keep your teeth clean and shiny. Now the dentists in St. George should get together and write the history of dentistry in southern Utah… what do you think?

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