Kids vs. Brushing Teeth: How to Win the War

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The struggle is real. Getting your young children to brush their teeth on a daily basis can be quite a challenge. But stress no more, because your friendly St. George family dentist has some creative ideas to help get your little ones excited about brushing.

Personalize the Brushing Experience

Letting your child pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste at the store can help make brushing more fun. They can find toothbrushes featuring their favorite characters and toothpastes in a variety of fun flavors. You can even let them get a few of each to switch between to help keep things fun and interesting.

Bubbles = Success

Use your child’s enthusiastic love of bubbles to your advantage. The formation of bubbles as they brush is a sign that they’re doing a good job. Encourage them to really get at that plaque with bubble-making contests to see who can make the most bubbles.

Turn Up the Music

Help your toddler get excited about brushing time with their favorite song or video clip. Playing something fun on your phone for two minutes can help motivate them to brush long enough and quiet complaints. Oral-B has even teamed up with Disney on an app to entertain your child while they brush.

Catch Plaque Red Handed

Your preschooler may be more inclined to brush if they could see the enemy they’re fighting. A dissolving agent from your local pharmacist or dental office can make plaque visible and help kids see the difference after they brush. You can also mix a few drops of red food coloring with a few tablespoons of water and have your child swish that around for 10 seconds and get a similar effect.

Keep them Brushing

Getting your kids to brush consistently even as they get older can be a challenge in and of itself. Motivate your older children to brush daily with an incentive chart, many of which can be found ready made online.

Bonus: Flossing

Flossing is just one more teeth-cleaning activity for your children to sneakily avoid. Help get them excited about it with this fun flossing activity. All you need is string, play dough, and large play blocks.


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