Gift Ideas For Christmas

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Dentistry Related Gift ideas

Tis’ the season of giving right? That’s what this holiday season is supposed to be about at least. If you don’t have all of your gifts planned out yet, that’s alright. Most people wait until after black friday to do their shopping anyway. But we wouldn’t be a good family dentist in St. George, Utah, if we didn’t give you some gifting suggestions!

Here are our dentistry related gift ideas to show how much you really care! After all, oral hygiene is pretty important.

Electric Toothbrush

This might sound like a generic gift. But it’s definitely the most practical. Especially for college students, or those who are short on cash. Because it’s a gift that many people wouldn’t mind having but don’t have the extra money to spend. Here is a list of the top 10 electric toothbrushes.

Tongue Scraper

If you don’t understand the point of a tongue scraper watch this video.

Now that you understand the necessity of a tongue scraper to battle bad breath, why not make it a stocking stuffer gift? You really just can’t go wrong with this scraper.

Disposable Toothbrush

Sometimes a stick of gum or a breath mint just doesn’t cut it after those afternoon snacks. We suggest disposable toothbrushes to deal with this problem. And it’s a great gift idea for those who love practicality!

We hope these gift ideas got your creative juices flowing for black friday shopping! If you need a cleaning or dental check up (or any other dental services) give us a call!

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