When school starts back up it can be difficult to provide enough time for work, fun, and family. Sometimes you are forced to combine the last two the best you can. Family time is important no matter what the makeup of your family may be. Sometime it can be hectic and stressful but the long term effects are priceless.


  1. Get out of Commitments
    1. Whatever they may be. If they aren’t important to the well-being of your family there is probably no reason to be spending so much time of whatever they may be.
  2. Make a Schedule
    1. set aside a time that fits everyone’s schedule so that there are no excuses. With sports, work, and extra-curricular activities it can be difficult but there is always sometime that is available. Make time for healthy things; brushing teeth, cleaning the house, etc.
  3. Do Less
    1. Sometimes we do extra thing in our lives that really don’t benefit us and take up the time we may have been spending with our family. Less junk food and more family time.
  4. TV/Internet set limits
    1. We aren’t saying get rid of them all together. Just take these things in moderation so that you can focus more on spending time with one another in the real world. This is great for your family and great for your body, happy body, happy family.