Tooth Fairy Adventures

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So your kid tied a string to his tooth, attached it to a toaster and dropped it down the staircase. After a trip to see your friendly neighborhood dentist in St. George, Utah you’ve finally got your kid calmed down enough to go to bed. This is where the real fun begins and you get to play tooth fairy.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to get dressed up to play the tooth fairy. Although I would recommend wearing driving moccasins or other light footwear. We can help you pull off this tooth heist successfully.

Step 1 – Preparation

Tooth placement is key to successful tooth removal. When you are tucking your little one into bed and helping them place the tooth make sure you adjust the placement. There is no shame in sliding the tooth to the side of the pillow your kid doesn’t sleep on. Strategic placement is 90% of the battle. Remember to put the tooth in a Ziplock baggie. Let’s be sanitary.
Prepare the tooth fairies gift ahead of time. And think with your head here, does your kid need five bucks? Probably not. A note would be nice. A note with a little toy or a piece of candy should be enough.

Step 2 – The Delivery

Now that you know exactly where the tooth is located this part is easy. Scan the room for landmines and stuffed animals on the floor before walking through the room. Silence is the essence. When you get to the pillow go for a slide in approach. Don’t try and lift the corner of the pillow. Like a safe cracker you’ll have to do this job by feel alone. Put the gift in your hand and slide it in while carefully removing the tooth with the same hand. It sounds difficult but it’s not.

Step 3 – The Celebration

This is my favorite part. Sit back and admire your work. You have done more than just remove a tooth. You have a child. Look at that tyrant sleeping soundly. Who would have thought that one day you’d be a parent and have such a great kid?! Take the time to admire your work and reflect on how far you’ve come. As soon as you are ready you can make your exit. And don’t forget to close the door on the way out.

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