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The Dentist Games

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Dentistry is a painful job. Please don’t misunderstand. We love it. It is a great profession that allows us to help people. Despite that, people do not seem to enjoy visiting us. I must admit that I do not enjoy causing pain in other people’s mouths. Dentists are often portrayed in comics and on television as horrible drill toting maniacs. We have drills and we are pretty good at using them, but we are not maniacs. I get the feeling that for some people visiting the dentist feels like entering the Hunger Games. Only one tooth will survive. The dentist games! If you’re afraid to visit your dentist perhaps it’s time you had an intervention.

Stop and look at yourself in the mirror. Now smile. Show that mirror how pretty your smile is. You have to keep going to the dentist. Look at those pearly whites! It’d be a shame if they yellowed and fell out. You may still be skeptical about the whole dentist thing. It is important to find a dentist that has the same approach to dentistry that you have.

In sports every player and every coach is skilled. Sometimes a specific coach simply does not mesh with a particular player. Both are able capable on their own and a trade is often necessary. Sometimes a patient simply cannot reach his full tooth care potential with a certain dentist. This does not mean that the dentist isn’t good. Their styles just don’t work together. If you do not enjoy going in for cleanings and checkups you may need to consider a trade. Find a dentist that you know has your best interest as their first priority. Find a gentle dentist.

When it comes to your kids teeth make sure that the dentist you visit has experience with children’s teeth. Children are particularly sensitive and require extra care from a dentist. If your child needs a dentist in St. George, Utah then come visit us at Ence Dentistry. We have been training and practicing for years so you and your kids do not need to fear the dentist.

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