*Don’t ignore tooth pain, it’s your dental alarm!*

1. A root canal can be quick! It does not necessarily have to take a large number of dental visits. Of course, it depends on the tooth’s condition, but it can be completed in just a couple of sittings.

2. Pain does not magically vanish after a root canal. You may experience sensitivity or mild pain after the procedure which can be soothed with ibuprofen. However, you shouldn’t experience pain much longer than a couple of days. If it lasts any longer contact your doctor.

3. Root canals are in fact successful. Root canals done with a crown or filling have a high success rate. The procedure disinfects cleans a tooth, allowing it to heal.

4. A root canal is not the most expensive dental treatment. It may be considered pricey, but sometimes saving a tooth is more important than the money! Usually, dental implants and extractions are much more expensive.

5. Root canals are not painful. They are performed to relieve pain caused by the inflamed nerve. With anesthesia, it is not any more painful than a filling.

6. What happens in a root canal procedure? The nerve and pulp are removed inside the tooth. Afterward, the doctor will clean and seal the tooth, to save it from any infection or abscess.

7. Sometimes a post is recommended. Most of the time, a root canal may follow with a crown. Treated teeth sometimes have big fillings or cavities. There are chances of a fracture or other complications due to the tooth structure. To avoid these things, the dentist may recommend a post after a tooth canal of the tooth if needed.

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