We all know sugar foods, soda, and treats cause tooth decay, but do you know what foods help prevent tooth decay? Here are just a few that can support your overall oral health.

Cheese: The American Academy of General Dentistry found that eating cheese raises the pH level in the mouth preventing a risk of tooth decay.

Greens: Leafy greens are important for your overall health. They are full of many minerals and vitamins and are very low in calories. They are very high in calcium which builds your teeth's enamel (outer part of the tooth). The folic acid and vitamin B can help treat gum disease as well. Consider throwing a handful of spinach in your smoothies or on your pizza to get these amazing health benefits!

Carrots: They are very crunchy, delicious, and packed with fiber. Eating a small handful of carrots at the end of your meal produces silvia in your mouth lowering your risk of cavities.

Almonds: Almonds are great for your teeth because of their calcium and protein. Enjoy a quarter cup of almonds with your lunch. You can also add a handful to a salad or to a stir-fry dinner. Take care of your body and oral health to prevent future problems!

It is very important to have a healthy, balanced diet in order to prevent sickness and oral health problems. Be sure to throw a handful of spinach in your smoothie, and eat a handful of almonds, carrots, and cheese for a snack. 

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