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Signs of Enamel Weakness

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Enamel is the hardest part of the human body and yet, it is susceptible to corrosion if we are not careful. Drinking a lot of soft drinks or even fruit drinks can cause damage to the enamel as they may contain excessive amounts of phosphoric and citric acids. Added to that are damages caused by friction, chewing, biting and stress. Enamels are vulnerable to other factors such as genetics, medications and gastrointestinal problems in which stomach acids corrode the enamel. When you see the warning signs of enamel weakness it is time to stop and reconsider your oral hygiene.

The enamel can be made weak when the thickness is reduced or the quality gets poor. You will know that you have weak enamel when your teeth start to appear whiter or glassy at the edges. This is because the tips become thinner faster than the rest of the tooth. As the surface gets thinner, you might even be able to see the inside pulp of the tooth. The surface can become rough, indented or appear discolored. The teeth may start to look yellow or brownish due to stains caused by excessive consumption of coffee, cola, tea, or smoking cigarettes.

Weak enamel may lead your teeth to get chipped, cracked or broken. The naturally square tips can start to look more rounded as the edges get eroded away. Sometimes this may even make the teeth look shorter. You may also experience extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods as the protective layer becomes inefficient in protecting the sensitive nerves inside the teeth. Even breathing in cold air can cause a tingling. If left undetected and without treatment, weak enamel can lead to tooth decay. Your teeth may also become prone to infections as the protective layer becomes extremely thin and is unable to do its natural duty.

It is important to identify when your teeth show signs of a weak enamel as once it is lost, it cannot be replaced. When detected in the early stages, your dentist can help you take better care of your teeth and help to strengthen your enamel. At later stages, your entire tooth may be in need of dental care and even surgery. Eventually you may even end up losing your teeth if you do not start to take care of them. Early detection can do wonders for your teeth and save you from expensive treatment later on.

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