The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

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There is only one way to brush your teeth that’s considered the right way. If you spend less than two minutes brushing, you’re not taking enough time. The entire rotation of brushing every tooth in your mouth, your gum line, and tongue should take a little over two minutes or 120 seconds. Can you believe it? This is a proper brushing technique that takes less time than applying makeup or getting dressed.

Anyone who has crowns, fillings, or other types of dentistry work done to their mouth will want to take special care of these areas as they are more prone to hiding food particles. The right way to brush your teeth can be achieved in a few steps.

The first step of course is to have a clean toothbrush and the proper toothpaste for your sensitivity and needs. Then you should begin cleaning the outer and inner surfaces of your upper and lower teeth. Afterwards, clean the surfaces that you chew with, the flat portion of most teeth and the pointy parts of others. That’s basically all there is to it. Most people do not brush their tongues. This can cause a serious odor to be present. Therefore when brushing your teeth it’s important to always brush your tongue for fresher breath.

The best type of toothbrush to use would be one with soft-bristles. These are designed to help remove plaque and other debris that may be present on your teeth. Toothbrushes with smaller heads might be ideal for those hard to reach places that can be uncomfortable with larger ones. If your tooth brush has begun to show signs of wearing down on the bristles or other signs from being used continuously, it’s time to replace it. Most dentists would advise patients to replace their toothbrush at least once every three months.

The right way to brush your teeth includes flossing and the use of a mouth rinse. These can help with keeping your teeth shiny and healthy but they cannot do the job alone. Brushing your teeth is very important and should be implemented in your daily schedule. Brushing only removes the plaque that is on the front and back of the teeth whereas flossing can remove the plague that is located in the hard to reach area between your teeth. Mouth rinses can also prove to be a healthy use for cleaning teeth and creating fresher breath.

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