What Causes Bad Breath

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imagesThere are many foods such as onions or garlic that you can eat and smell for hours after you’ve eaten them. It’s not your fault. You’ve brushed, flossed, rinsed, and have tried every other method you know to achieve fresher breath. The process in which the food is broken down actually starts in the mouth. When these particles enter into your bloodstream they are carried to the lungs after passing through multiple stages in the body. This is how the smell of onions can last so long.

Halitosis, or bad breath, can also come from lacking positive dental health hygiene. Although it can potentially be a sign of other serious health problems, bad breath is normally caused by the food that the body takes in and other unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Smoking or chewing tobacco can not only cause bad breath, but it can also limit what you taste in foods, irritate your gums, and stain your teeth.

Without brushing and flossing on a daily basis, all of the leftover food particles that were present last night at meal time are still there today. These particles cause bacteria to grow on the teeth, tongue, surrounding the gums, and between your teeth. For those who have dentures, you’re not out of the danger zone. Bacteria can grow on dentures and create an odor released while breathing. Even though mouth rinses can be used to control the amount of bacteria, it’s not the sole solution.

Periodontal disease can be the root of the bad taste or bad breath that you are experiencing. Other gum diseases can also be present if there has been a plaque buildup on your teeth. Untreated diseases of the gum can ultimately cause damage to not only the gums themselves but also the jawbone. Along with gum diseases, we must also watch out for yeast infections which occur in the mouth, dental caries, and poorly fitted dental applications such as dentures.

The causes of bad breath are limitless. It can be from gum diseases or from the lack of care given to the teeth, tongue, and gums. Those also suffering from certain respiratory infections can experience bad breath. These infections include but are not limited to bronchitis and pneumonia. Kidney and liver issues have been known to have a part in the odor. Sinus infections, nasal dripping, acid reflux, and diabetes are also known to cause bad breath.

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