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As local dentists in St. George UT we always find it fun when our profession becomes viral on the internet, especially YouTube. For this week’s post we decided to gather the top hits from YouTube dealing with our profession and give our reaction to the videos.

David After Dentist

The most famous dentist video on YouTube by 80 million views, this video has seen itself referenced in films, music, pop culture, and even had a bit of screentime at the Super Bowl in 2010. The video has brought in over $150,000 dollars to the family, and showed how viral videos have become important to society.

From a dentist we would like to point out a fact that might pique your interest: Only 1 in 1,000 patients have that kind of reaction to anesthesia. (i.e: Is this real life?)

Mr. Bean: At The Dentist

The fifth episode for the now infamous Mr. Bean show, this short clip shows the inner child at the dentist. With all of the gadgets, equipment and technology abounding, all we really want to do is get out as soon as possible. The short highlight occurs when Mr. Bean puts numbing agent in his dentist’s leg. Oops.

Peppa Pig: At The Dentist

Like Mr. Bean, also originating from England, Peppa Pig is a children’s show that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. This short shows a little pig named George having his stuffed animal dinosaur getting his teeth cleaned. There isn’t really much depth here, but there are 7,000,000+ views and maybe your children will enjoy it (and it might provide motivation to brush their teeth).

Hopefully you enjoy watching a few funny videos about dentists today! We may be dentists in St. George but we can respect some good dental humor when we see it!

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