Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, including the oceans. Research has shown that fluoride reduces the risk of cavities in children and adults. It also can reverse early stages of tooth decay! Fluoride is one of the best cavity fighters.


Small particles left in your mouth after a meal breaks down into carbohydrates and sugars. In little time these particles will soon turn into bacteria and cavity-causing acids. These acids can dissolve minerals from the tooth enamel making them weak and result in tooth decay. This is where fluoride comes in! It absorbed into teeth enamel helping keep your teeth hard and more resistant to tooth decay.

Ways To Absorb Fluoride

There are two different you can absorb fluoride, on the outside or the inside. Here are a few ways your teeth can receive fluoride on the outside.

  • When you receive a fluoride varnish at a dental office
  • When you brush your teeth with a fluoride paste or rinse
  • When fluoride contained water washes over your teeth

Swallowed fluoride enters the bloodstream and becomes part of the permanent teeth as they develop. The teeth become stronger making it harder for acids to destroy teeth enamel. Here are a few ways children intake fluoride.

  • Prescription fluoride supplements
  • Small amounts of fluoride in food
  • Fluoride water and drinks


Many dentists and dental hygienists highly recommend fluoride to help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Consider asking for a fluoride varnish on your next 6-month cleaning and check up!


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