Ence Dentistry is Hiring

We’re looking for an experienced dental assistant! Do you know someone who has the skill set of a dental assistant? Then refer them to this blog post! Please send your resume to Dr. Jim by one of two ways: Fax: (435)-628-6205 or In Person: 754 South Main Street Suite #1 St. George, UT If you have further questions don’t hesitate …

What Causes Bad Breath

There are many foods such as onions or garlic that you can eat and smell for hours after you’ve eaten them. It’s not your fault. You’ve brushed, flossed, rinsed, and have tried every other method you know to achieve fresher breath. The process in which the food is broken down actually starts in the mouth. When these particles enter into …

Fluoride, Whitening, Minty, What’s the Difference between Toothpastes?

Each individual has their own type of teeth. Some may be more sensitive than others whereas others may need a certain type of toothpaste to keep their teeth whiter and healthier. You may ask, with fluoride, whitening, minty, what’s the difference between toothpastes? There are several differences and similarities between different types of toothpastes. Similarities include: Thickeners, like the name …

Office hours

The office is open Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-12pm, or by appoinment.

New Baby!

All of us at the office would like to welcome new Baby Ence!  Dr. Mark Ence’s wife had a baby boy this past week and is now home enjoying the time with him and their 2 year old.  Congrats!